Ever since the Miyoo A30 was released, we’ve been hoping to see custom firmware options made available. It’s immediately apparent that Miyoo has a lot of work to do on the software side of things, as it’s just an underwhelming out-of-box experience.

There are a few options that try to right the wrongs, but nothing that entirely replaces the stock firmware. However, that’s all changed thanks to the recent release of MinUI, and we’ll walk you through the steps to install MinUI on the Miyoo A30.

As the name suggests, MinUI doesn’t try and throw a bunch of new features into the mix. Instead, it takes a minimal approach, with a lightweight interface and letting you just jump in and start playing retro games. With that being said, let’s dive in.

How To Install MinUI on Miyoo A30

This first section is for those who want to install MinUI on Miyoo A30 if you grab one that includes a microSD card. However, something that we recommend is to double-check the microSD card itself. If there isn’t any branding on it, you’ll probably want to copy everything over to one from a reputable company.

It’s as easy as just inserting both microSD cards into your computer and formatting the new one. Then, copy all of the files from the “old” one to the new microSD card before proceeding. Doing so aims to cut down on the chances of your microSD card failing, as retro handheld companies use unbranded and cheap cards with their handhelds.

With that in mind, here’s how you can install MinUI on the Miyoo A30:

  1. Download and extract the latest MinUI release from GitHub.
  2. Remove the microSD card from your Miyoo A30 and connect it to your computer.
  3. Open the extracted MinUI folder.
  4. Copy the MinUI.zip and miyoo folder to the microSD card.
  5. If prompted about duplicate files, make sure you select Replace.
    How To Install MinUI on Miyoo A30 - Merge Folders
  6. Open the Bios folder.
  7. Make sure that you have the following BIOS files in the corresponding folders:
    • FC: disksys.rom
    • GB: gb_bios.bin
    • GBA: gba_bios.bin
    • GBC: gbc_bios.bin
    • MD:
      • bios_CD_E.bin
      • bios_CD_J.bin
      • bios_CD_U.bin
    • PS: psxonmpsp660.bin
  8. Eject your microSD card and put it back into your Miyoo A30.
  9. Power on your A30.

After a moment or two, you should see a loading screen that says “Installing MinUI.” Just hang tight as you’ll be taken right to the main screen so you can start playing games.

Install MinUI on Miyoo A30 With a New microSD Card

Being able to install MinUI on the Miyoo A30 gets a bit trickier if your device doesn’t come with a microSD card. Chances are that you planned for this and have one at the ready. No matter the reason why, you’ll still be able to get up and running with ease.

  1. Make sure you have 7-Zip installed on your computer.
  2. Download the Miyoo A30 firmware.
  3. Once all of the ZIP files have been downloaded, highlight all of the ZIP files.
  4. Right-click the highlighted files, and click Show More Options.
  5. Hover your mouse over 7Zip and select Extract to “\”.
    How To Install MinUI on Miyoo A30 - Extract downloaded files to a single folder
  6. Wait for the files to finish being extracted and combined.
  7. Insert your microSD card into your computer.
  8. Download, install, and open Rufus.
  9. Make sure your new microSD card is selected under Device.

    How To Install MinUI on Miyoo A30 - Select microSD card in Rufus

    Select microSD card in Rufus

  10. Under Boot selection, click Non bootable.
    How To Install MinUI on Miyoo A30 - Select Non bootable
  11. Click the drop-down under File system.
  12. Select FAT32 or Large FAT32.

    How To Install MinUI on Miyoo A30 - Change File system

    Change File system to FAT32 or Large FAT32

  13. Click the START button.
  14. Wait for your microSD card to finish being formatted.
  15. Follow the steps in the section above to add the appropriate MinUI files to the microSD card.

After everything has finished transferring to the microSD card, safely eject it from your computer. Then, just pop it into your Miyoo A30 and turn it on! If everything is done correctly, you’ll see a “MinUI Installing” loading screen appear. Wait a few more minutes and voila!

You can buy the Miyoo A30 from GoGameGeek and use code RH15 at checkout for 15% off!

**Editor’s Note**

As it turns out (thanks Shaun), you don’t actually need to move the A30 stock firmware to the microSD card before installing MinUI. The guide has been updated to reflect as such.

Additionally, if you are using a microSD card that’s 32GB or smaller, you can skip steps the formatting steps in the section above.

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