V90… bigger. RP2… bigger. RP3+, Odin, Win600, Loki Max, ROG Ally. How big can we even get? What about 8.4 inches of the latest, greatest, and most expensive Aya Neo goodness yet. That’s right, Aya Neo is back again, pushing the Pocket Air just a little further out to release their latest handheld: The Aya Neo Kun. 

Announced today with all the details, the Aya Neo Kun is stacking up to be the biggest, baddest x86 handheld available on the market. As mentioned before, it’s rocking an 8.4” 2560×1600 IPS display (that’s 16:10 by the way) that can get all the way up to 500 nits. If done right, this could be a display you could use outdoors so you can finally game and touch grass. For size comparison, this display is larger than the ROG Ally as well as the Steam Deck if you’re keeping track. 

Powering that display is the latest AMD Ryzen 7 processor. The 7840U. A processor that’s already been seen in the likes of the Win 4 and the upcoming GPD Win Mini, just this time; scaled up. Unlike those other handhelds, with Aya Neo’s new “KUNPeng” heat system they can blast the TDP all the way up to 54 watts. That sounds like a lot, and in a world full of 38 watt-hour batteries it is. But the Kun holds a massive 75 watt-hour battery in its enormous shell (that’s 50% larger than the battery in my laptop-someone send help). 

With the specs out of the way, you may want to know what else this elegant beast has packed into its large frame. Well to start it steals a pair of trackpads straight from the much loved Steam Deck and places them beneath the controls. One of which seems to be a dish shaped d-pad, which is likely to upset some of the market. But what the controls do right is the inclusion of hall effect joysticks and triggers, which means they’re likely not to give out anytime soon for you. Around the back with those triggers are four back buttons that Aya Neo has placed, so you can configure and tweak what you need out of them using the AYASpace 2 software included with your device. 

But all of this comes at a cost… which of course is incredibly high. Starting at $999 for the base Kun which includes 16gb of ram and 512gb of storage. This will eventually balloon to $1,209 at retail. As well as that, you can push your price all the way up to $1,699 for 64gb of ram and 4tb of storage, which will eventually be $1,949 at retail. Do you need this much ram? Maybe? No? But you can have it regardless. 

All of this handheld goes live on Indiegogo Tuesday, September 5th at 5am PST/8am EST. Are you gonna pick one up? Can you even pick one up? We don’t know the weight, but we will soon enough. 

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