Choro-Qs are a line of Japanese chibi-style (cutesy hyper deformed) pull back toy cars that have been going strong since 1978. You may remember them as Penny Racers, having a small coin slot in the back: place a coin in and your car does a wheelie! Many Choro-Q video games have been released over the years with a focus on winning races to build up your cash and use it to purchase upgrades, both cosmetic and functional, with a more arcade-like approach to racing physics.

Why September 9th? Well, the English letter Q sounds like the Japanese word for the number nine (kyuu), so what better day than 9/9? Why not set aside your backlog for a day and give one of these stylized racers a shot? We’ve included a list of localized Choro-Q games below, and bolded some of the more fun entries!

The PlayStation 1 Trilogy:

  • Penny Racers (PS1) (JP: Choro-Q) – The first Choro-Q video game (not counting Taito’s MSX arcade style game!). Only localized in PAL regions.
  • Choro Q 2 – (PS1) – Fan translation available. This title adds an overworld to explore to find secrets and additional part shops!
  • Choro Q 3 – (PS1) – Fan translation available. All three of these titles allow you to import your cash and items between games!

Nintendo 64:

  • Penny Racers (N64) (JP: Choro-Q 64)- Instead of winning money, placing in the top three allows you to steal parts from your competitors, but be careful, because this goes both ways!
  • Choro Q 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix Race – Fan translation available.

Game Boy Advance:

  • Gadget Racers (GBA) (PAL: Penny Racers, JP: Choro-Q Advance) – Explore 5 different worlds including a Battle world with weapons and an Aqua world with jet ski-like attachments!
  • Road Trip: Shifting Gears (GBA) (PAL: Gadget Racers, JP: Choro-Q Advance 2)

PlayStation 2:

  • Gadget Racers (PS2) (PAL: Penny Racers, JP: Choro-Q HG)
  • Seek and Destroy (PS2) (JP: Shin Combat Choro-Q) – Build up a tank and destroy your Q-nemies!
  • Road Trip (PS2) (PAL: Road Trip Adventure, JP: Choro-Q HG2) – Experience a huge overworld with dialogue, shops, quest, mini games, photo booths, and more!
  • Gadget Racers (PS2) (JP: Choro-Q HG3) – Like its predecessor, a large overworld with quests, shops, and mini games, but this one is more focused on racing. Only localized in PAL regions.
  • Choro-Q (PS2) (JP: Choro-Q HG4) – The peak of Choro-Q! Experience a vibrant story with 4 large towns PACKED with dialogue, mini games, quests, and so much more as you build up your team to take on the world championship!

GameCube & Wii:

  • Road Trip: The Arcade Edition (GC) (PAL: Gadget Racers JP: Choro Q!)
  • Penny Racers Party: Turbo-Q Speedway (JP: Choro-Q Wii)

Happy Choro-Q day everyone!