AYN, Valve, Retroid, Fisher-Price. What do all of those names have in common? They all make amazing gaming devices! Maybe you are looking for something for the kids to play on or maybe you are looking for the next perfect device for yourself. Join me as I highlight the 3 best Fisher-Price gaming products! Also, I will be including my favorite of the bunch at the end.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Controller

Fisher-Price Controller

Best Controller in the Game

The most important thing about a controller is ergonomics and this controller has them! It is not just one of the most comfortable controllers on the market, but also one of the most entertaining. Does your PS5 DualSense controller play sounds, and teach you the ABCs, numbers, and colors? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

This controller is also built like a tank. This may be the most durable controller I have ever used. If you get angry at your video games, this thing can take an angry slam down on the table. Best part? No analog drift! I can’t tell if it has Hall Effect sticks, but Nintendo needs to take notes! The device can even be hacked with Bluetooth to be played with some of your favorite games. Check out Gizmodo reporting on it here. Get yours from the link below.

Fisher-Price Controller at Amazon

Fisher-Price Lil’ Gamer

Lil' Gamer

Best Vertical Handheld Option?

Did you always hate how it was Game Boy and not Game Girl? Well, this handheld does not discriminate! Introducing the Fisher-Price Lil’ Gamer. I know it is the year of clamshells, but this vertical device cannot be ignored! This is the brand new 2024 model that is packed full of features.

Do you like Tetris? The Lil’ Gamer has Tetris built into the side of the console! With your standard A and B button layout with a D-pad, this device screams nostalgia. Additionally, it even comes with the great game, Puppy’s Adventure. There are few better bargains right now in the Retro Handheld community! Pick one up from our link below.

Lil’ Gamer at Amazon

Fisher-Price Twist and Learn

Twist and Learn

Newest Handheld of 2024

The Fisher-Price Twist and Learn is a brand-new product that just came out this year! Don’t be surprised when you see it rising to the top of “Best of 2024” lists very soon. The Twist and Learn is exactly what the title suggests. You can twist the controllers! Remember Bop-It and twisting it? This is even better!

The Twist and Learn plays over 65 sounds to go with all of the twisting fun. Looks like Puppy is back too in a new adventure as well! Collecting apples with his friends? What a perfect sequel to the hit game Puppy’s Adventure. Reviewers are saying this device also has a great mouthfeel for teething. Join the FP Handheld Podcast tonight as Stubbs will be giving his first review of the device. Get yours at the link below.

Twist and Learn at Amazon

Other Great Handheld Brands

Maybe for some reason, Fisher-Price isn’t cutting it for you. You could always check out the following other companies who have similar products that might be interesting for you to try out instead.


Leapster Ultra

The Leapster Ultra

LeapFrog has been around for a long time making great handhelds. There are a ton of options for you to check out as well. These may be a bit more advanced than some of the heavy hitters above, but they still do not lack in quality. Check our link below for an array of LeapFrog options.

LeapFrog at Amazon


Power Console

The Power Console

Like LeapFrog, Lexibook is another titan in the educational handheld world. Their interactive gaming devices are full of learning games for you or your kids to enjoy. There is not a lack of options for this company! They make your standard learning games, but also some Batman-type games as well. Some of their devices remind me of the Tiger Electronic devices of the old days. Check out their Amazon link below.

Lexibook at Amazon


All of these devices are great, but for me, it comes down to nostalgia and portability. My favorite of the Fisher-Price line has to be the Lil’ Gamer. The device just feels good to hold in my hand and I have been taking it with me everywhere. Puppy’s Adventure is also such a great game that cannot be overlooked. My daughter isn’t here yet, but I can tell she will love this one as well.

Lil Gamer

Taking a Break from Yardwork

Overall, you cannot go wrong with any of these devices. You and your child will love them. They are full of fun features and sounds. They are not just fun, but also educational. Additionally, every single device responds to the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A)! After this is entered, the device will register with a Mario sound and play a song from some of your favorite games.

Also, the modding community has gotten these devices to play games with emulation as well. Faux Dreams on Reddit has a great video here. For more great gaming deals, check out our weekly sales post here.  Finally, check out more of the Fisher-Price products below, and make sure to watch the podcast on April 1st at 6 pm PST.

Fisher-Price Amazon Page

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