Sources for Season 4, Episode 7 (03/25/24)

Join Stubbs, Rob (, Aish & special guest, Adin Walls ( as they discuss this week’s handheld & emulation news and talk about the future of handhelds!


NEW 35XX 2024 Edition

NEW SZDiier D-008 Android Clamshell

Twitter (Retro Handhelds)
AliExpress (D007)

OrangePi Neo 7″ 7840u handheld to launch at $499 USD (8840u $599)

OrangePi Website
Twitter (Taki Udon)
Discord (Retro Handhelds via Taki Udon)

Xbox Handheld rumors again (but maybe for real this time)

YouTube (The Phawx)

BazziteOS & PlaytronOS makes any x86 handheld into a Steam Deck (Playtron making their own device) (Bazzite)
YouTube (Bazzite in action!) (Playtron) (Playtron Handheld)

MSI Claw 135H outperforms 155H, what is going on?

Twitter (Retro Tech Dad)

Steam Family Sharing


Suyu continues

Twitter (Mr. Sujano)

Questions for Adin
-Adore Keep Delete – Stubbs
-What is your shampooing routine? – Rob
-Top 3 SNES Games – Mr. Sujano
-Favorite videogame of all time? – Mikhailov
-Do the toilets go backwards, and separately, what gives you the right? – Zu
-If you started a retro handheld YouTube channel from scratch right now, what is one thing you’d do differently? – Russ
-Do you play Pico 8? whats your device to play it on? favorite Pico 8 game? – DigitalJedi
-What does the retro market look like in South Africa? Availability, prices of consoles, games? – Shem
-What is your corner of the world like? Favorite restaurants? Coffee places? – Mikhailov
-Where is the best place in Cape Town to get Bobotie, Koeksisters and Malva Pudding? – Michael Benny
-What’s your favorite pocketable handheld to carry around every day? Also, would you do an interview episode with Zu? Lastly, why do you keep pointing that knife at me? – Skippy B Coyote
-What handhelds are you looking forward to in 2024? – Ban

Topic: Life as a YouTuber