Sources for Season 4, Episode 4 (03/04/24)

Join Stubbs, Rob ( @retrotechdad ), Aish & Ban as they discuss this week’s news, including Yuzu being sued, the Emulation Station take down, Win Mini refresh & more!
šŸ«‚Goodbye to Yuzu (and Citra) | Retro Handhelds Podcast S4 E4 (


Yuzu shuts down entirely, ends support of Citra, settles their lawsuit with Nintendo

EmuDeck removes Yuzu & Citra (JELOS and others to follow)

EmuDeck Discord

EmulationStation DE new Android update (and taken off Amazon store)

ES-DE Patreon

EmuHub 1.0 Beta Arrives

NEW Anbernic RG406

Nittrx YouTube

RK3588 Switch Lite handheld

QQ group #76961858

NEW GPD Win Mini 8840u revision

Indie Gogo

MSI Claw pre-orders live, ships March 15th


NEW Sugar Cube Alliance

Nittrx YouTube

GameForce Ace OS updates & fixes (JELOS released, GF Indie is still happening!)

Retro Handhelds Discord
JELOS Discord

GotX March titles: Castlevania Bloodlines, Star Ocean 2, Cave Story