Sources  for Season 4, Episode 2 (2/19/24)

Join Stubbs, Rob ( ), Aish & Ban as they discuss this week’s handheld, emulation & CFW dev news, show what they got in the mail, and offer some extra thoughts on the RG556!

**Podcast course correction: news will be included with every episode now to keep it timely and simple. Less so on guest eps. See you weekly on Mondays @ 6pm PST!


NEW intel based Tulpar handheld revealed

GPD Win 4 gets a 8840u upgrade

Steam Deck gets official Overclock from Valve

AYANEO Pocket S emulation testing

PS Portal has been hacked to run PPSSPP natively

Hyperkin Pixel Art HotDog Food Controllers

The Hot Dog Experience: Hyperkin Pixel Art LE Controller – Retro Handhelds

Yuzu gets multiplayer & control mapping (also AYANEO Flip DS looks AWESOME)

EmuDeck for Android is now available

Batocera Lite Beta for 35XX Plus & H

Portmaster is on a roll

NEW GBC game Mayor of Sanctuary

Mail Day (links below)

Stubbs: GKD Pixel, GameForce Ace, EpicPrintingShop Grips & Cases
Aish: Minisforum Mini EM780, GameSir G8 controller
Rob: OneXPlayer X1
Ban: Metal RGB30, RG556

Main topic: Anbernic RG556 review roundup & thoughts

Anbernic RG556: A Comparison to the RP4 Pro – Retro Handhelds

Purchase links


GameForce Ace

GKD Pixel RetroCN Global Shop – Retro handhelds from China

Minisforum EM780

OneXPlayer X1

GameSir G8

Anbernic RG556
Ali Express $20 off – Use code USCD20 for US, FECD20 for CA

Anbernic Official (Direct)

Go Game Geek $30 off – Use code PB44