Sources for Season 4, Episode 10 (04/15/24)

Join Stubbs, Rob, Aish, Ban, and Mikhailov from TeamRetrogue as they discuss the new RG28XX, RGB20SX pre-orders, Swollen batteries, NEW R35S Plus, and more!


RG28XX is coming

YouTube (Anbernic)

Twitter (ForTheNext)

YouTube (Anbernic) in action

RGB20SX Pre-orders are live

Reports of Swollen RGB30 Batteries

Twitter (Juntaro) / Reddit (PowKiddy)

NEW SZDiier D-R35S Plus

YouTube (AeolusUX)
AliExpress (D-R35S Plus)

NEW SuiPlay0X1 by Playtron (Crypto handheld)

Twitter (Sui)


PS Hanami Handheld mod

Twitter (YveltalGriffin) (more in-depth pics)
YouTube (Mackie Kaynard-Smith)

Suyu & Lemonade dead

Twitter (Mr. Sujano) — Suyu

Twitter (Mr. Sujano) — Lemonade

First iOS emulator (and has already been taken off the app store)

Twitter (

Guess The Game


Main topic: Mikhailov & Ban’s Bday Bash

Mikhailov’s Translation Game

-Which 90s celebrity are you targeting to touch your second RG35xxH? – Michael Benny
-Have you ever thought about re-rolling as a Retmage or a Retwarrior? – PhunkyMonkey
-I know you smell wonderful, what is your cologne of choice? – Rob
-Why are you like this? – TeamRetrogue
-How hard has it been getting to 3000 subs? Adin
-How is FF7 Rebirth going and why haven’t you beaten it yet? – Joey
-What are you looking for in the ultimate x86 handheld? – Shem
-Which handheld do you play the most? Which handheld do you not own that you want the most? – Russ
-What made you get into retro handhelds, and then retro handheld youtubing – Oliver
-What’s the best three handhelds for you (if you could only have 3) – Oliver
-Who is your favorite youtuber (retro or in general) – Oliver
-What handheld are you looking forward to most in 2024? – DigitalJedi
-Favorite Pico-8 game – DigitalJedi
-Favorite device for PortMaster & Favorite port? – DigitalJedi
-Please share your cheese collection – Ban
-Kotor 1&2 or Fallout 1&2 – Garathnor
-Kelly Kapowski or Topanga? – Zu
-Why are you letting me keep the MSI Claw for free? – Stubbs

To all: What device, with notable flaws, is still one of your favorites? – SuperBottle