Celeste is a great game. It was even a joke for a while that anytime someone asked for a hidden gem, it was always Celeste being suggested. Jokes aside, it is because it is one of the best indie games ever released. If you haven’t played it before, I highly suggest you do that. Maybe for some reason, while you were playing Celeste you thought to yourself, “Hmmm, I wonder what this game would have been like with 64-bit graphics kind of like my N64 platformer?”. Well, now that question is going to be answered. Enter Celeste64! A free 64-bit kind of sequel created by the same team that made the original to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the release and the website claims it was created in about a week.

You can get Celeste 64 from this Itch.io page. Again, the game is free unless you want to leave a donation for their work on it. Currently, the game is available in Windows and Linux formats. I downloaded the Linux version on my Steam Deck and added the game file as a non-Steam Game and it worked flawlessly with zero tweaking of the controls. 

Celeste 64

Celeste 64 running on an OLED Steam Deck

You play as Madeline who is once again visiting the Celeste Mountain. You can still climb and dash much like the original game. You will even run into many familiar characters who have some dialogue that will tell you how things have been for them. You are also still collecting strawberries and cassette tapes to play challenge levels. This is welcome to anyone who was a fan of the original game. 

The presentation of the game is great. It gives me the nostalgic vibe of playing the early 3D platformers from my childhood. It is so fun seeing these characters being recreated in a 3D atmosphere. The challenge from the original is there too. It never feels unfair and challenges you to keep trying to get those strawberries. The extra challenge cassette levels play well too. They provide challenge levels for you to master while you progress towards the end goal.

The game controls feel good, but almost a little more slippery which will take a little bit to get used to. It makes sense because everything is covered in ice and snow. The camera can be controlled with the right stick as well to allow you to try and see things from a different angle. The soundtrack is also very good for a short game. It was soothing and really set the tone for the game.

Celeste 64

Granny, you’re still here?!

Overall the game is rather short, but for a free game released to celebrate an anniversary, it is much more than I see most video game developers do. I highly recommend checking it out though, especially for fans of the original game. It is fun, challenging, and very charming. It brings that nostalgic platformer feeling alive with the familiar characters and environments of Celeste.  Celeste 64 is a great way to spend an evening and I hope you get a chance to try it out!

Download Celeste 64 from the Itch.io page here. What is your favorite version of Celeste?

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