Are you a fan of OneXPlayer and their big, fat, monstrous handhelds? If so, then you are probably a fan of their sub-brand: AOKZOE. Given that information, it’s likely that all 8 of you enjoyed just about every aspect of that handheld, minus the d-pad. Well strap up, because after a long period of silence, AOKZOE is back. This time, they’re bringing you the A2; a smaller, “bezel-less” handheld that’s here to slip into your bag, granted you have got some cash. 

In case you’re not one of the aforementioned people that followed AOKZOE closely, the A1 and A1 Pro were big 8” handhelds that used the Ryzen 7 6800U and 7840U respectively. This time, they are taking a bit of a different approach. First off here’s the specs: the A2 will be rocking the 7840U again which comes with its Radeon 780M iGPU, alongside anywhere from 32gb to 64gb of RAM, and 512gb to 4tb of storage alongside it. All of this powering a 1920×1080, 7-inch, “bezeless display,” which, while smaller, is still more than enough viewing area for those looking for an x86 handheld. 

Outside of that, you’re gonna find the usual suspects. Hall-sensor sticks and triggers, a set of face buttons that are pretty shiny looking, and a d-pad that, well, is not a dish this time, which is a more than welcome change! All of this in a handheld that weighs in at around 649 grams, or about the same weight as the Steam Deck OLED. 

Pricing will supposedly start at $699 for the model with 32gb of RAM and 512gb of storage, which I would say is pretty reasonable considering the classic Ayaneo and OneXPlayer pricing. This will go up to $1,199 for the 64/1tb model. If their Indiegogo page is to be believed, this can also be upgraded even further with a standard 2280 NVMe SSD.

While I don’t think this one is for me, the A2 is already looking like a major improvement over the A1 and A1 Pro. If they’re planning to continue improving like this, I’d be really excited to see what comes next. Maybe even a model with a keyboard, if we’re being hopeful? Really though, check out their Indiegogo for some more information, or sign up if you’d like to be the 9th person in line for one!

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