Update: Stubbs takes a first look at the RG556

Information about the new Anbernic RG556 has been swirling around the internet. Our first reveal article about it was just 2 weeks ago. There is a ton of speculation on this device, but we are here to tell you it is coming even sooner than you may expect! That’s right, this Monday (February 5th) preorders for the RG556 are going live! 

Rg556 Technical Specs Provided by Anbernic

Device Information

The Anbernic RG556 is brandishing a lovely 5.48-inch OLED screen coupled with its very affordable price as well. Anbernic is stating the ability to play most PlayStation 2 games at full speed with the help of the Unisoc T820 processor along with 8GB of RAM. The performance is said to be similar to a d1100 and well ahead of the d900. 

Another stand-out point of this device are the ergonomics and since it is Anbernic, the buttons. The RG556 also comes equipped with hall effect joy sticks and triggers. It even has gyro and vibration! Combine all that with a 5500mAh battery that will give you around 8 hours of battery life depending on what you are playing. The device currently comes in all black or a radiant transparent blue. 

Pre-Order Information

Pre-orders begin Monday, February 5th at 18:00 Beijing time (that’s 2 AM PT/5 ET). The pre-order price for the device will be at a discount of $174.99 and this will be valid only during the pre-order phase. The cost of the device will rise to the retail price of $184.99 after the pre-order stage. Since it is the Chinese New Year holiday, expect pre-orders to end and devices to ship around March 5th, but it could also be a little earlier. Make sure to take advantage of the pre-order discount while you can!

You can pre-order the new Anbernic RG556 on the following websites:

Go Game Geek (Use code PB44 to get $30 off)

Anbernic’s Official AliExpress

Anbernic’s Direct Site

What are your thoughts on the RG556? Are you excited to pre-order one? Let us know in the comments or over on our Discord! Also make sure to tune in to a new podcast episode on Monday at 6pm PST to hear Stubbs and the crew discuss the RG556 in length on the Retro Handhelds Youtube Page. See you there! 

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