A new unannounced upcoming Anbernic device has leaked via the Shanghai-based video-sharing website, BiliBili, and shared via Reddit.

From the video shared, the device will sport the same H700 as the similarly named RG35XX. Following Anbernic’s typical naming scheme, the numbers immediately following RG (for Retro Game) denote the screen size. The RG35XX and all of its available variants sport a 3.5-inch screen.

With that as a basis, and the aforementioned chipset being the same, it’s safe to assume that the RG40XX bears its differences only in design and screen size.

The design mimics many of its features from the recently released RG Cube. It has a similarly square-ish physical design, the same RGB lightning beneath its analog sticks, and similar spacing between its D-Pad’s buttons. The screen is, reportedly, the same as featured in the RG405M, while its body is borrowing the limelight from the RG Cube’s reception to its design and comfort.

However, with the RG40XX and the H700 chip, this means that we’re looking at a Linux-powered handheld. Hopefully, this means that we’ll be able to use custom firmware options like muOS or Knulli on day one. It’s pretty obvious that Anbernic is set on making 2024 the “Year of the H700,” with the exception of the RG Cube.

The video features three color options: grey, blue, and black. But with this being a leak showing the device in a near-final stage of production, the available colors could change or have minor alterations upon release.

When leaks like this happen, with products clearly this late in their development stages, official announcements are typically soon to follow. And with Anbernic, pre-orders, and launch will be immediately thereafter. Again, this is an assumption based on what we typically see from Anbernic leaks, not a declaration of what will definitively happen.

UPDATE: New Photo Leaks

The alleged back of the RG40XX H

The alleged back of the RG40XX H

A new photo of the RG40XX H has been posted via Reddit. The photo shows the back of the device with various labels giving us more information than previously shown. Of these labels are a direct mention to the full name of the device, RG40XX H, the H being used to denote its horizontal form factor. If this leak is cemented in reality, it is possible that its success could lead to the creation of its V counterpart, one that is held vertically.

Stacked shoulder buttons for L2 and R2 are also shown off.

No official announcement from Anbernic on the release of this device has been shared just yet, but given its near-complete manufacturing and proper labeling, an announcement is expected soon.

UPDATE 2: New video, more details

A new video of the RG40XX H has leaked via Bilibili and this one gives us a better look at the hardware being used.

The video, without mentioning the exact chipset being used like in the initial leak, says it will feature a 64-bit architecture. Prior to this video, and through the release of various other handhelds utilizing the same chip, it was already known that the Allwinner H700 integrates a 4-core, 64-bit processor. To hear it be mentioned directly (albeit from a leak) solidifies the expectation of the H700 being in the RG40XX H.

A new color is also shown, seemingly drawing its inspiration from the American SNES’ light gray and purple palette with slight hue differences, but there is a considerable chance that the final product may feature entirely different colors.

The first leak mentioned that the RG40XX will house the same screen as the RG405M. This leak clarifies that the 40XX H display will be purely horizontal, whereas the original 405M screen relied on a vertically manufactured screen. We don’t have any details about how the screen’s manufacturing process differs from the RG405M, or how the difference in orientation will affect playability, but with the number of leaks and information being shared, it’s bound to be included in an official announcement relatively soon.

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