1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, 604,800 seconds. 604,799… 604,798- I think you get the point. One Week! That’s how long Anbernic is running their 828 sale. All the way through August 27th, and once it’s done, you get to pay full price for everything again! With the sale going on, it’s worth talking about what is a good deal, and what is something that you should probably avoid (I’m looking at you PAP K3 Plus). Would you call this a review of the sale? Maybe? I might. And with this just being about the prices and values, I won’t be talking your ear off about specs unless I think it’s important.

First off, the RG35XX is currently on sale for $45.99 after using their code 828SALE (psst-that’s the code for everything). This is a price that you don’t see unless you’re scouring the depths of TEMU. For the price, the PS1 emulation capabilities, and the custom OS options, it’s still a worthwhile look; especially if you don’t need the sticks.

The next step-up that’s worth a look are Anbernic’s ‘S’ moniker handhelds. The 353PS, and the 353VS both start at $72.71 (after the sale code), and offer better performance (with the wonderful RK3566), as well as better battery life compared to some of the other handhelds on sale in this price range. The RG351P is currently on sale for $72.64, and unless you need the smaller size or that wonderful 3:2 display, the RK3326 beating inside of it makes it a less efficient and performant option compared to the 353 devices of a similar price. 

If you’ve got a little more money to spend, Anbernic still has some great deals over $100. The 505 is currently $114.19 making it one of the lowest cost options for a T618 handheld. Unless you want to go scouting through TEMU again, of course. While this device has hall sticks, and a nice 4.95 inch OLED display; the thing that really makes it worth it is the custom firmware in the form of GammaOS. This really brings the 505 to another level, and if you prefer metal, the 405M is currently on sale as well for just $141.19.

Finally, it’s time for some extra odds and ends that may be worth looking at in the sale. The RG Nano; for a tiny metal handheld that can run up to PS1, $48.79 is a pretty good value, placing it in the same range as the Q36, and the TrimUI Smart line. The 353M, another metal handheld with an RK3566. At $113.29 it still positions itself as a premium metal handheld, and offers great value in that position, though if you prefer plastic there is better value to be had elsewhere.

Overall, Anbernic has a pretty good sale going on here. There are some great values, and some not so great ones (The RG300X is currently $59.99 on Amazon as well as in their sale). But Overall, if you’re looking for something, Anbernic definitely has options for you. Though that isn’t too different from normal. Just don’t try counting down the time- 604,797… 604,796… 604,795-

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