The Game Boy homebrew scene is so fun to pay attention to. Every time you turn around, someone is creating a great new game for the Game Boy. Most of these games are great for pick-up and play sessions or are short, which is fantastic for your pocketable retro handheld. I decided to make another 5 homebrew Game Boy games that you should check out! See article one here.

Swordbird Song: Iron Owl Tower

Swordbird Song

Getting a Feather Sword

The game reminds me a lot of Link’s Awakening, which is my favorite Zelda game. You play as a bird who wants to escape an island that he woke up on (sound familiar?). The game has you needing to give power to a battery to get the elevator working in Iron Owl Tower so you can fly away. The game has 3 different rooms within the tower and they are each a different kind of dungeon. I was able to complete the game in about an hour and a half and it was a great experience. Also, it has retro achievements for anyone interested in those as well!

Swordbird Page

Hidden Gems 

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

This game is easy to play but difficult to master. It has you competing in a sort of card game, but instead of cards, you are using gems. The game also allows different difficult levels to make the game as simple or difficult as you would like. Luckily, there is a great tutorial that is very thorough and will teach you how to play this. With the rise of Balatro, this game feels great to play on your Game Boy or retro handheld. 

Hidden Gems Page

Galaxy Dog

Good Boy Galaxy

Jumping on Heads!

Galaxy Dog has you playing as the derpy and loveable Maxwell as he explores new worlds. The visuals in this game are gorgeous and it controls very well. You can collect over 50 friendship cards while making friends are different planets. The gameplay reminds me a bit of Metroid, but it also stands on its own as well. The game is also releasing on Steam later this year as well! it has been a blast watching the development and success of this game. Check it out!

Good Boy Galaxy on

GB. Corp

GB Corp

Managing Game Boys

This game may look simple, but it has so much content! You are running a factory that pushes buttons and must hire various Game Boys from the different lines (Pocket, DMG, Color, Advance) and have them work. Also, you need to be diligent in watching their battery level. You earn more money and can upgrade your employees to get more money. This game is very addicting and even has link cable capability to play with friends too!

GB Corp

Bottle Boy

Bottle Boy

Ready to Take on Some Bad Guys

Okay, this game isn’t fully released yet, but I still feel the need to gush over it just based on the demo. You play as Alex, but prefer the name “Bottle Boy”. He loves watching old space movies about heroes, but one day he gets the chance to become one himself as he has to rescue his pet dog! The game is gorgeous and has so much character. You will find yourself in an adventure similar to Zelda at first, but also having some 2D platforming. Talk to characters, shoot enemies, and tackle bosses. This game is going to be fantastic.

Bottle Boy Demo

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