Powkiddy is rumored to have begun testing the RGB20 Pro, according to Jdewitz, a known Powkiddy source and photographer for @retrohandheldcollection on Instagram. It differs from the RGB20 in size, and appearance, and has a few unique features not seen in other retro handhelds.

The RGB line of devices from Powkiddy spans across multiple different chipsets, sizes, and orientations. The RGB20 has seen revisions and updates by way of the RGB20S and the RGB20SX. The RGB30 has yet to see any revision, but it houses the same 720×720 screen found in the RGB20S and has identical specs to the RGB20SX with the only deviation being its orientation.

RGB20 Pro

The alleged RGB20 Pro

Today, a new rumor suggests that Powkiddy plans to launch an RGB20 Pro. From what’s known, the available specs are listed below:

  • Display: 3.2-inch LCD
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
  • Resolution: 1024 * 768
  • Extras: Updated shoulder buttons, dual analog sticks, transparent top-layer housing, unknown PCB window

Only time will tell when and if the RGB20 Pro moves past the testing stage, but currently, the alleged specs shown seem promising.

A transparent front-layer housing can be useful to players looking to preserve the overall appearance of their device while providing an easy plastic to wipe and clean; something not found in retro handhelds.

The PCB window shown in the image above is intriguing, mostly because it’s unknown if this is a stylistic choice Powkiddy has made, or if it will utilized for a specific purpose upon launch.

The rumored RGB20 Pro strays away from the 1:1, 720×720 screens found in the RGB20S, RGB20SX, and RGB30, but it exchanges that for a higher resolution, smaller screen. The only other device with the same screen size and resolution is the recently announced MagicX XU HD.

Powkiddy has a reputation for maintaining lower prices by using cheaper parts, but the RGB20 Pro may be another time Powkiddy capitalizes on new ideas.

When the RGB30 had originally launched, no other device had a 1:1, 720 * 720 screen, and it proved to be surprisingly nice for multiple consoles. Later, we eventually saw the same screen in the RGB20S and its iterations, and Anbernic’s RG Cube.

UPDATE: New colors leak

New photos have leaked of the alleged RGB20 Pro, but no other information has been shared. The colors appear to be a lightish gray, light blue, yellow, and a darker grey. However, the first and last colors may be identical or entirely different upon release. As no info has been shared alongside the photos, only time will tell which colors make it to market.


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