Wow, I can’t believe we’re about to say this (it’s been what, 13 years since the Vita?), but rumors are swirling that Sony is preparing to release a new handheld console, dubbed with the codename “Q Lite”. While Sony has not officially announced the device, leaked images and reports from industry insiders suggest that the company has been working on the project for some time.

According to the rumors, the PlayStation Q Lite (Project Q) will be a local streaming device for your PS5, with a 1080p 60hz screen (we wonder if Q stands for QLED), this means it uses the (mostly) tried-and-true Remote Play feature and not cloud streaming from Sony’s servers. Now, one could argue this can already be accomplished from any number of your retro handhelds or smart phone, or even the Sony sanctioned Backbone controller for iPhone. Why do we need this in 2023? Well, it could lead to the introduction of a true Vita successor, or just be a convenient and branded way to access your PlayStation 5 from bed, the couch, or while lounging on the patio.

A new, more affordable PlayStation handheld device could be just what Sony needs to stay ahead of its competitors and appeal to a wider range of gamers, we’re hoping this lands under $200 (but guessing $300 range). We’ve already seen the tentative success of streaming devices such as the Logitech G Cloud and Abxylute handheld, which are already capable of Remote Play for potentially cheaper.

As for what the thing looks like, apparently it will look similar to a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, but with a large 8-inch LED touchscreen (this is slightly larger than the Steam Deck‘s already ample sized 7″). It should sport adaptive triggers for your rumble and haptics, and the usual adornments such as Volume, speaker, and headphone jack. This is all a very interesting prospect, since I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering if we could use this for emulation… (fingers crossed this is an open Android system, but we won’t get our hopes up).

We have seen reports that this will tie into the new PS5 Pro ecosystem, which the Pro is aiming for a holiday 2024 release, so we expect this handheld anytime between Q4 of 2023 and Q4 of 2024. Either way, expect us to rant and rave about this on our YouTube Channel shortly.

So far, no, this is probably not the Vita 2 we’ve been waiting for. Perhaps it IS Sony’s chance to overtake the Wii U though, touché Sony. Touché

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Vita 2 Render credit to Technizo Concept