Sources for Season 4, Episode 9 (04/08/24)

Join Stubbs, Rob (@retrotechdad), Aish and Zu from ZuReviews on another wild ride through this week in handheld & emulation news, with some Games of the Month talk and what handhelds we’re using right now!


iOS App Store Allows Emulators (BIG news with some BIG caveats)

The Verge

Lemonade 3DS Emulator

Twitter (GamingOnLinux)
Lemonade Emu

Bitboy One $500 rk3566

In layman’s terms (Twitter)

Aura sponsor segment

Sipeed FPGA Mini

Twitter (Sipeed)

GotX update, and our questions & concerns with Zu.

Live A Live, Ocarina of Time, Way of the Samurai

What handheld or device are you using the most right now?

Zu: GKD Pixel & RG556
Rob: RG556 & Macbook Air
Aish: SteamDeck & Switch
Stubbs: RGB30 & Surface Laptop Go 2