Sources for Season 4, Episode 5 (03/11/24)

Join Stubbs, Aish, Rob (@retrotechdad), and special guest Shem from @RetroBreezeYT as they discuss this week’s news and more!


Yuzu judgement signed


New SuYu Switch emulator, with homescreen support


AetherSX2 & Pizza Boy removed from Playstore, Duckstation to possibly follow, DraStic Free but planning to leave, Strato dev leaves

Twitter (AetherSX2)

Twitter (Strato)

JELOS ends rk3566, PowKiddy and other device support


Steam Deck Dual Screen mod

PS4 Emulator psOff is working on x86 handhelds

RIP Akira Toriyama

Twitter (Statement)
Twitter (Picture)

E6 Plus Handheld

Discord (1)
Discord (2)
Discord (3)

Questions for Shem:
What’s your thoughts on Tablet gaming? How’s that PS portal at home going? – Ban

What are you excited for this year? – Ban

Why are you like this?- Mikhailov

What’s life in York like? From the population to the eats to the stores? – Mikhailov

If you ever meet me in real life, what’s the first thing you would do? – Mikhailov

Do you play PAL or NTSC ROMs, and if PAL, why would you do that and what is wrong with you? – Russ

What does the Retro Breeze smell like? – Joey

What is this? – Ban

and What is this? – Ban

Ask Shem to say one nice thing about windows – Dan W

Group Topic:

What’s your favorite form factor of handheld?