Sources for Season 4, Episode 15 (05/20/24)

Join Stubbs, Rob (@retrotechdad), @aishtalkstech and Noah from @SteamDeckHQ as they discuss the new AYN Odin 2 Mini Pre-orders, AYANEO Pocket Micro & Pocket DMG Unveiling, host a Gulikit giveaway, chat favorite games to play on Steam Deck, and more!


Knulli & muOS CFW get New Alpha release (including 35XX SP support)

Twitter (RH – Knulli)
Twitter (RH – muOS)
Anbernic RG35XX SP Review: It’s the One – Retro Handhelds

Miyoo Flip New Prototype Video (it has EmulationStation!)

Twitter (Juntaro)

AYN Odin 2 Mini Pre-orders go live

RH Article
Twitter (new Real world pics)
AYN website to order

AYANEO Pocket Micro & Pocket DMG unveiled

Twitter (DMG)
Twitter (Micro)

New Snapdragon X laptops announced (handhelds soon tm?)


Apple iOS Appstore gets Retroarch and PPSSPP

Twitter (Wario64)

Gulikit KingKong 3 Pro Giveaway (sponsored by AKNES)

AKNES Gulikit Store (Amazon)

Zu’s May Game of the Month update

Stubbs shares video

Hanging with Noah from SDHQ

SteamDeckHQ Website
SteamDeckHQ YouTube

Questions for Noah and the team:
Noah, what would you game on besides the SteamDeck, and what is your favorite non-Steam system to play on the SteamDeck? – Digital Jedi
For the entire Panel: What’s your favorite SNES game? -DigitalJedi
Noah, you cost me money every week on Steam when I have to buy the games you talk about. How does that make you feel? – Michael Benny
For the entire Panel: What’s your favorite game to play on Steam Deck? – Stubbs