Sources for Season 4, Episode 14 (05/13/24)

It’s that time again! We’ve got another HYPE filled week of news, including a new mystery handheld from AYN, the Anbernic RG Cube, more 35XX SP info, the freshly unveiled ASUS ROG Ally X, and all of our other shenanigans too. So hop in and join Stubbs, Rob the @RetroTechDad, @AishTalksTech and special guest @Crystal_is_Cozy on a journey through the latest and greatest!


Anbernic 35XX SP New info and media & YouTube
Twitter (The Phawx)
Twitter (New pics of DMG)

Anbernic RG Cube Reveal

Twitter (RH)
Twitter (RH – More pics)

ASUS ROG Ally X (2024 refresh) unveiled


Twitter (RH)

AYANEO Pocket Micro & DMG Vertical teased

Twitter AYANEO (Pocket Micro)
Twitter AYANEO (Pocket DMG)

Winner of Zu’s RG556 Giveaway (Zu’s 556 Video)

Hanging with Crystal is Cozy and Stuff (and Q+A) — Crystal YT Channel
What video are you working on right now? Stubbs

How are you enjoying Hades 2 & ideal small handheld? – SonyWalkmanDD30

If pink didn’t exist, what next color would you use for a custom gameboy palette? – Klef
What’s your ideal Pokemon Team? – Leo Kizer

Your ultimate dream team made of 80s and 90s cartoon characters. Who’s in it? – TechDweeb