Sources for Season 4, Episode 11 (04/22/24)

Join Stubbs, Rob the Retro Tech Dad, AishTalksTech, and Klef from GameTechTalk as they chat about the 28XX, new MagicX XU Mini M, Evercade EXP-R, the arrival of new iOS emulator apps, and more!


RG28XX launch info & pricing (with HANDS-ON IMPRESSIONS)

YouTube Post (Price info RH) (More Info)

NEW MagicX XU Mini M

Twitter (ForTheNext)



Evercade EXP-R

Knulli Batocera CFW Fork coming to multiple devices

Ko-fi (Knulli)

Delta Multi-Nintendo emulator, Provenance, PPSSPP & more for iOS (More Emus) (How to use Delta)

Happy Earth Day (let’s chat games)!

Chatting with GameTechTalk

What’s your next big goal for your channel? – Stubbs
You have one of the best Stubbs Nubbs reviews, how do you feel about The Ring no longer being for sale? – Stubbs & 3DPS
So, it turns out that you are the only person who actually bought a retail TJD T101. Why would you do that? – Michael Benny
Who’s your favorite RH team member? – Michael Benny
¿pourquoi es-tu comme tu es? – Michael Benny
Was there a device that you were excited for and completely disappointed after you got you hands on it? – DigitalJedi
What upcoming device are you most excited for? – DigitalJedi
Best NES game of all time? – DigitalJedi